Simple way to create a Will:

Checklist for a Will

Creating a will does not need to be a complex process, but it does take some forethought and preparation prior to meeting with your estate planner to finalize it.
  1. List all the property you want included in your will. If you have significant assets, these may need to be protected by a trust, which you can discuss with your estate planner.
  2. Make a list of your beneficiaries. Decide who you want to inherit the property you have already listed. Be sure to identify secondary beneficiaries in case the primary ones die before you do.
  3. Select an executor. Every will must include the name of the person you designate (as an executor) to carry out the terms of your will. It should be someone who is willing to serve, and you should notify them that you have named them as the executor of your will.
  4. Determine a guardian for any minor children. If you have children 17 or younger, and there is not another parent to raise them, you will need to name a guardian in your will.
  5. Determine a trustee for property you leave to your children. If you are leaving significant property to your children and they are young, you should name a trustee or property guardian to manage it for them.
  6. Remember that property already protected in a trust is handled by the trust, but a will is still needed to cover excess assets or assets not completely transferred to the trust.

 Jay Lashlee, True Trust Book by Jay Lashlee